ABGESAGT: 25 Jahre Baseballteam Embrach -- "Opening Day" 2013 der NLA Embrach Mustangs

Aufgrund eines unbespielbaren Feldes bei uns in Embrach sahen wir uns gezwungen das Eröffnungsspiel des diesjährigen Baseballsaison zu verschieben.

Wir wünschen allen einen angenehmen Sonntag,

Der Vorstand




2012 Swiss Baseball NLA Review (By Chris Byrnes)

2012 was a great baseball season in Switzerland.  It was the first year that the Swiss Baseball Federation sponsored a tournament at Heerenschürli; the Alpine cup was well supported and was a good weekend of baseball. The Swiss All-Stars won the three day tournament with Casey Auerbach or the Embrach Mustangs taking home the MVP trophy.

The Bern Cardinals fought off the Montpellier Barracudas, a good Division 1 team in France, to win the qualification to the A pool in 2013. This was hosted in Zurich and was well attended by the Swiss baseball community. This was a very exciting moment for Swiss baseball and I could not feel more proud of the Bern Cardinals and Swiss baseball on that weekend.  I am sure this weighed heavily on the minds of the European Commission to let Zurich host the National qualifier in 2013. Hats off to the Bern Cardinals for being such great ambassadors for Swiss Baseball.

2012 was also the year of the pitcher in Switzerland. The season showcased many top pitchers in the NLA. Teams are getting smart and know the importance of pitching quality and depth in the quest to win a championship. The Bern Cardinals brought in two top pitchers in Benji Waite and Ryan Byrne to compliment Tobias Imboden and John Baum. The Embrach Mustangs brought in Tim Jones who proved to be one of the top pitchers in Europe. The Challengers brought in Andrea Girasole from Italy and Robert Sedin from California and these two helped the Challengers overtake the Barracudas for the final playoff spot. The Barracudas had Dan Rogers and Beni Montag establish themselves as a top pitching combination. The Zurich Lions gave the ball to LJ Aquinaga, while the Devils had American import John Schmidt. Add the Flyers pitching staff to this mix and you will see why pitching was dominant in 2012.



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