Juveniles (U12)

Juveniles Team des BTE

Hello everyone,

My name is Ann Macheck and I am the new General Manager for the Juvenile division of the baseball club in Embrach. I grew up in Washington State and started my „softball career“ playing in little league when I was 8 years old. I played throughout High School and College and after moving to Switzerland I almost threw in my glove until I happened to see a baseball diamond in the same town I lived in! I couldnt believe my eyes! I searched on the internet and low and behold I found a baseball club in Embrach! I joined right away and played on the Mixed Softball team for 3 years.

Coach Greg is also new this season. He so kindly volunteered to coach the juveniles! I first meet Greg, way back in 2007, at the local Migros market. I tried to talk him into play for the Embrach mixed softball team. I had better luck recruiting him the second time around when we met again at the Embrach Oberdorffest in 2015. Our beloved head coach for the Juveniles, Roger Savodelli, was moving on we were looking for that special someone to take his place. Well, Greg was just that person! Greg Taylor has been playing baseball for the greater portion of his life. Born and raised in Ohio in the United States. He played organized baseball for six years before going to university. He later played on several slow pitch softball teams. He is an avid follower of the Chicago Cubs, and cheers for any team playing against the New York Yankees. He is adamantly opposed to the Designated Hitter Rule.

This season we want to instill in the young players the importance of teamwork as well as the fundamentals of baseball and the principals of sportsmanship. We want every child to know what it is like to be on a team and how important it is to work together, support each other, and to strive to do their best. We want them to have a winning attitude! And that is not just about the score, it is about the code of conduct, showing class, having pride, and displaying good character. If we can establish these traits in our team, winning will take care of itself!!

We look forward to the upcoming season and meeting everyone!